Referral feature

Gunfire Polygon players are rewarded when they successfully refer other players to join Gunfire Polygon
The official referral link of Gunfire Polygon has the following format:
Gunfire Polygon players can generate their unique referral link to introduce other users to the game. A referral happens when one player create a Gunfire Polygon account using another player's referral link
The person who created the link and introduce other player is the Referrer
The person who is invited and create a new account via the link above is the Referee

Referral bonus

01 Successful Referral:
  • +10 GUNX to the Referrer
  • +6 GUNX to the Referee
A successful referral is defined after a Referee create a new Gunfire Polygon account using the referral link from the Referrer with a wallet that has never connected to Gunfire Polygon website before
The list wallets from successful referee is updated on the Referral Program section on the player's Profile page